Auditor denounces political prayer that invoked reseating Trump, prosecuting evil Deep State

Speech occurred at Downing’s swearing-in ceremony

By: - January 5, 2021 12:49 pm

A spokesman for State Auditor and Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Troy Downing said that had Downing or his staff reviewed the speech, they would not have allowed it to be delivered. (Photo courtesy of the State of Montana)

What was supposed to be a simple prayer for wisdom and blessings, turned out to be a fiery political sermon at the swearing-in ceremony of State Auditor and Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Troy Downing.

Downing’s office confirmed that neither he nor his staff had seen the prayer before the ceremony and did not know that the bulk of its contents were far-right political views mixed with prayers.

“Lord, we pray that the reseating of President Trump and the prosecution of all the evil ones in the Deep State around the world will bring new hope to this Great Nation,” a copy of the prayer read.

Almost as soon as the printed text of the prayer was distributed, Downing had denounced it.

“Commissioner Troy Downing categorically denounces many of the statements made by Mr. Jacobs at today’s swearing-in ceremony,” said department spokesman Sam Loveridge. “Mr. Jacobs was given three minutes to pray for our nation, state and for the Downing family – not to deliver a political message.”

Eric Jacobs was the speaker, and presumed author of the prayer, titled “A Prayer for the Inauguration of Troy Downing.”

Loveridge said that had Downing or his staff reviewed the speech, they would not have allowed it to be delivered.

“Commissioner Downing and his administration are committed to working across the aisle to make the lives of Montanans better,” Loveridge said.

“A Prayer for the Inauguration of Troy Downing” as prepared by Eric Jacobs

Editor’s note: The spelling, grammar and punctuation of this prayer have not been edited. This is the text that was distributed to media.

May the words of my mouth, and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable to you heavenly Father in this prayer.

We come to you with thankful hearts that we may gather today and celebrate the inauguration of Troy Downing into our Montana State Government for the position of State Auditor.

We welcome him with joyful hearts and congratulate all his efforts in being elected to this honored position. May God bless you, in all you do, with Wisdom, Discernment, Integrity and Joy as you proceed to bring our system into peaceful order. We pray for your amazing creativity to advance our current system with greater efficiency and an accelerated promotion of our free market system. Thank you Troy for take a job you do not need, but have chosen to serve this great state, with all your business experience and practical knowledge. Blessings upon you and your family for all you have done for our State and our Country where you have served gallantly and humbly in times of war.

We also, Thank you Lord, for our fantastic Secretary of State, Corey Stapleton, and all who served under him for running an honest election when many other states chose the path of corruption and deception. Heavenly Father we come before you in the most pivotal time since our Country’s inception. A time where, the very foundations of our Republic, are being challenged and rocked to the core. In many states, our ability to cast a vote, and know it will be counted, has been compromised and stolen. The corruption in our government is rampant and goes from the workers in the street all the way to the Supreme Court. Our government of the people, by the people and for the people no longer exists in its intended state. This is a grave situation, but only pales in comparison to what shall happen if it is not rectified.

Heavenly Father, You have shown us the Enemies plans. Plans to create a Great Reset in 2021, where elections are treated as an opportunity to cheat instead of a projections of the will of the people. Where personal property will be removed for the sake of forgiving a false debt, and how the Road to Serfdon is being paved by a cashless society driven by a false pandemic with an invisible protagonist. It seems that invisible enemies can be used to promote fear beyond comprehension or the understanding of a logical mind. Forgive us for being so gullible and Faithless! We come before you humbly and pray that you would heal our land! Bless us with the wisdom to see beyond the lies of the giant propaganda machine that is working against us and show us Lord how we can bring it to an end. Show us, oh God in Heaven, how to expose the Enemy’s lies and deception, and bring their attempt at a coup to take over this nation, to an abrupt end with justice being serve on all those who have purposefully been deceptive, violent and evil.

We know Lord, that you give us leadership that reflects the hearts of people. We pray that you see the millions of Americans and people around the world, who have a heart for You, and a heart to establish Your Kingdom Principals, as they bend their knees and pray to you, and for their God given President of the United States, that you established four years ago. In the Might Name of JESUS, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but we take authority over the powers and principalities, the rulers of darkness of this world and the spiritual wickedness in high places. We pray Your might hand of power would be with us in overcoming this Deep State by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony! We pray that the electoral votes would be thrown out in every state that ran a dishonest election and that the rightful President would be in office for the next four years.

In JESUS Name, we the people, proclaim that our hearts are for you Heavenly Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Thy Kingdom shall come and your will, will be done, in this nation as it is in Heaven. We pray, with the Authority given to us from heaven, in Jesus Name that President Trump will be lawfully seated and continue to drain the swamp until it is dry. We pray that all members of the Deep State will be exposed for their evil deeds and that every dishonest political on both sides of the isle be exposed and deposed and thrown in prison where they can contemplate their eternal destination.

Help us to know we all have a part to play in this great endeavor. Show us how to pray, how to get involved politically, how to be Godly examples by being accountable for our actions and how to hold others accountable for theirs. Show us how to stop blaming others out of jealousy and promote our meritocracy by being people of merit.

Lord, we pray that the reseating of President Trump and the prosecution of all evil ones in the Deep State around with world will bring new hope to this Great Nation and the World and cause Revival throughout the land! Dear Lord, Make America Righteous Again, Make America Strong Again, and Make America Great Again!

May you receive all the Glory for this Great Battle being fought in the Heavens and on Earth, and may we be willing to continue this fight to the ends of the Earth until Christ calls us home, in Jesus Name we pray.



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Darrell Ehrlick
Darrell Ehrlick

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