Alan Weltzien

Alan Weltzien

Alan Weltzien is a published non-fiction writer and editor. He most recently published a memoir entitled “A Father and an Island” in addition to “The Norman Maclean Reader” and “Thomas Savage: a Forgotten Novelist.” Weltzien has received two Fulbright Fellowships and one University of Montana Faculty Exchange Award. He is professor emeritus in the English Department at the University of Montana-Western in Dillion.


Essay: The rural rotting of democracy

By: - April 16, 2023

I’ve avoided writing this essay for at least three years but my stomach gnaws. My town, an epitome of rural America, boasts not one but two January 6, 2021 insurrectionists. And for the noisy one—Hank Munzer, it’s always a boast. He introduces himself that way. The other insurrectionist, years younger, comes from an ostensibly Christian […]