Amanda Michelle Gomez

Amanda Michelle Gomez

Public backs Medicare prescription price negotiation, polling says

By: - April 16, 2022

As Congress debates cutting prescription drug costs, a recently released poll found the vast majority of adults — regardless of their political party or age — support letting the federal government negotiate drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries and those in private health insurance plans. The argument that pharmaceutical companies need to charge high prices to […]

Texas sees surge of interest in birth control after abortion ban

By: - November 15, 2021

In September, when Texas’ near-total abortion ban took effect, Planned Parenthood clinics in the Lone Star State started offering every patient who walked in information on Senate Bill 8, as well as emergency contraception, condoms and two pregnancy tests. The plan is to distribute 22,000 “empowerment kits” this year. “We felt it was very important […]

COVID politics and fatigue work against contract tracers

By: - September 5, 2021

Health departments nationwide scaled back their contact tracing in late spring or early summer when COVID-19 cases started to decrease as vaccination efforts took center stage. Then delta hit. Now state and local health departments are trying to build back operations with depleted resources, as COVID fatigue among their workers and the public alike complicate […]