Andy Miller

Andy Miller

Mounting COVID deaths fuel school bus driver shortages

By: and - October 10, 2021

GRIFFIN, Georgia — Natalia D’Angelo got sick right after school started in August. She was driving a school bus for special education students in Griffin-Spalding County School System about 40 miles south of Atlanta and contracted COVID-19. One of her three sons, Julian Rodriguez-D’Angelo, said his mother, who was not vaccinated against the COVID virus, […]

Low wages, pandemic gut staffing support for those with disabilities

By: - October 4, 2021

Ernestine “Erma” Bryant likes her job, but the pay is a problem. She works in a caregiver role as a “direct support professional” in Tifton, Georgia, helping people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities with basic functions such as dressing, bathing and eating. Bryant said it’s fulfilling work. “You can help people be successful — […]

States pull back on COVID data even amid delta surge

By: - September 4, 2021

Two state government websites in Georgia recently stopped posting updates on COVID-19 cases in prisons and long-term care facilities, just as the dangerous delta variant was taking hold. Data has been disappearing recently in other states as well. Florida, for example, now reports covid cases, deaths and hospitalizations once a week, instead of daily, as […]

Biden’s ‘no-jab, no-job’ order puts nursing homes in a quandry

By: and - August 21, 2021

President Joe Biden’s edict that nursing homes must ensure their workers are vaccinated against COVID-19 presents a challenge for an industry struggling to entice its lowest-paid workers to get shots without driving them to seek employment elsewhere. Although 83% of residents in the average nursing facility are vaccinated, only 61% of a home’s workers are […]