Angus Thuermer, Jr.

Angus Thuermer, Jr.

Montana group fights Wyoming corner-crossing ruling, claiming broad precedent

By: - December 1, 2023

A Wyoming judge’s decision that corner-crossing is not trespassing will seriously affect landowners across the western U.S., a Montana group says in court papers that ask for reversal of the ruling. The nonprofit group United Property Owners of Montana filed papers supporting Elk Mountain Ranch owner Fred Eshelman, who lost a civil suit claiming four […]

Feds buy $2 million parcel to save Wyoming toad — warts and all

By: - November 9, 2023

Federal officials hope a $2 million land purchase just outside Laramie will help reestablish the only wild population of the Wyoming toad in the world. The 1,078 acres the government acquired last month is part of the new Wyoming Toad Conservation Area. The 43,200-acre complex became the 569th unit in the National Wildlife Refuge System […]