Cole Messa

Cole Messa

The flight of the Nez Perce through Yellowstone National Park

By: and - August 9, 2022

Throughout its history, Yellowstone has been frequented by numerous indigenous tribes. All of these groups have a unique and cherished tale bonding them with the land upon which Yellowstone sits, but perhaps one of the most harrowing and tragic recent stories is that of the Nez Perce (Nimiipu). In the summer of 1877, the gold rush […]

‘Land of the burning ground’: Yellowstone National Park’s Native American history and traditions

By: and - July 27, 2021

We sometimes think of Yellowstone as an untouched landscape, but humans have been present in the area for more than 10,000 years! The history and traditions of Native Americans in Yellowstone are as rich as the landscape itself. To the Crow, it was the “land of the burning ground” or “land of vapors”; to the […]