George Ochenski

George Ochenski


Montana’s trifecta of shame

By: - August 12, 2022

Back in the old days there was a slapstick comedy show about three goofy men whose continuous bungling brought laughs to millions. It was called “The Three Stooges.” Now, Montanans get their own version, as three of the top Republican politicians in the state bungle their way through what seems like poorly-scripted political vaudeville. But there’s nothing […]


Globalization, greed and reality

By: - August 5, 2022

It wasn’t long ago that economists in our capitalist system were absolutely giddy over what they dubbed “globalization.” In this reality-denying construct, nations all over the planet would work together, each producing commodities using available resources, and we’d all be happily living in a Golden Age of peace and prosperity for all. “A rising tide […]


One tough week for Trumpers

By: - July 29, 2022

It’s fair to say the Trumpers, with their delusional denial of both the climate crisis and the election outcome, are having a tough time these days. The planet is burning with new temperature records — and the subsequent disasters — mounting every day. In the meantime, the House committee investigating the January 6 insurrection released yet more damning evidence of […]


Climate crisis vs. Western water law

By: - July 22, 2022

Climate scientists have long warned of the impending crises as human pollutants create an ever-warming planet. We are now living with those grim predictions come true as the “sixth great extinction event” wipes away thousands of species, the oceans acidify and warm, wildfires rage even on the Alaskan tundra, and the planet’s ice caps inexorably […]


Rosendale tragically out of touch with Montana hunters and anglers

By: - July 15, 2022

Montana’s lone Congressman, Matt Rosendale, is embarrassing us once again. This time by co-sponsoring a nutty bill with extreme far-right loonies to get rid of a tiny excise tax on guns and ammo claiming you can’t tax a constitutional right to own guns. And once again he shows how completely out of touch he is with […]


Cassidy Hutchinson: What patriotism looks like

By: - July 8, 2022

As Independence Day came around in 2022, the celebrations of America’s successful revolution against the British monarchy took many forms. Parades, fireworks, hot dogs and burgers on the grill and plenty of red, white, and blue are all taken as signs of patriotism. But then, along comes Cassidy Hutchinson, a 25-year old woman with the […]


Brace for impact

By: - July 1, 2022

The Supreme Court’s decision to abandon 50 years of judicial precedent on a woman’s constitutional right to abortion is sending gigantic shock waves across the nation and through the legal system. Add that to the absolutely damning evidence of Donald Trump’s treasonous attempt to overthrow American democracy in a planned and executed coup. Combined, these judicial and […]


Climate change: The new abnormal

By: - June 24, 2022

Humans have a tendency to believe everything will be pretty much the same in the future as it has been in the past. No surprise since generally speaking that was pretty true in the past and while things changed, they did not change so radically or with such severe consequences as they are now. Scientists, […]


Trump’s failed coup: The truth finally comes out

By: - June 17, 2022

The nation and its citizens have been assailed by lies, distortions, and outright fictions since the polls closed on Election Day 2020. We have been told the election was stolen, that ballot boxes were stuffed, that voting machines were corrupted, and that the candidate who lost by 7 million votes didn’t actually lose. But now, […]


America fleeced at the gas pump (again)

By: - June 10, 2022

There’s an old and very hard-hearted line that “if God didn’t want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep.” It’s in the classic movie “The Magnificent Seven” and is uttered by the Mexican bandito chief whose gang robs a poor peasant village. God probably doesn’t have much to do with gas prices these days, but […]


When it comes to public lands, more use doesn’t necessarily equal conservation

By: - June 3, 2022

Memorial Day weekend is generally considered the start of the “summer season” in most of the U.S. Finally warm enough to get out in nature and do the zillion things people do for outdoor recreation. But it’s worth wondering, as the crowds swell, whether the diverse “great outdoors” can take the ever-mounting pressures on what […]


The Colstrip calamity: They got the gold, we get the shaft

By: - May 27, 2022

Once again Montanans get to re-experience the all too well-known disaster of a major corporation operating an industrial facility, producing prodigious amounts of toxic and hazardous waste, and then declaring bankruptcy. After hundreds of millions of dollars in publicly funded cleanups at abandoned mines and industrial sites, one might wonder “When will our politicians learn […]