Rae Ellen Bichell

Rae Ellen Bichell

Patient satisfaction surveys earn a zero on whether hospitals deliver culturally relevant care

By: - September 10, 2022

Each day, thousands of patients get a call or letter after being discharged from U.S. hospitals. How did their stay go? How clean and quiet was the room? How often did nurses and doctors treat them with courtesy and respect? The questions focus on what might be termed the standard customer satisfaction aspects of a […]

With federal sick leave gone, many employees feel pressure to show up feeling ill

By: - December 5, 2021

Economists and public health experts alike say paid sick leave is an essential tool — like testing, masks and vaccines — in the effort to prevent COVID-19 infection and keep workplaces safe. Yet the U.S. is in the midst of another COVID holiday season, and federal laws that offered COVID-related paid sick leave to workers […]

A COVID head-scratcher: Why lice lurk despite physical distancing

By: - November 21, 2021

PARKER, Colo. — The Marker family opened their door on a recent evening to a woman dressed in purple, with a military attitude to cleanliness. Linda Holmes, who has worked as a technician with LiceDoctors for five years, came straight from her day job at a hospital after she got the call from a dispatcher […]

COVID testing, turnaround times still wildly uneven this far into pandemic

By: - October 16, 2021

In one recent week, a New Yorker got a free COVID-19 test in a jiffy, with results the next day, while a Coloradan had to shell out $50 for a test two cities from her hometown after a frantic round of pharmacy-hopping. A Montanan drove an hour each way to get a test, wondering if, […]

Kidney experts say it’s time to remove race from medical algorithms

By: and - July 18, 2021

Alphonso Harried recently came across a newspaper clipping about his grandfather receiving his 1,000th dialysis treatment. His grandfather later died — at a dialysis center — as did his uncle, both from kidney disease. “And that comes in my mind, on my weak days: ‘Are you going to pass away just like they did?’” said […]