Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson

How can a ground motion sensor improve a weather forecast?

By: - October 31, 2022

Continuous GPS stations were initially constructed to measure solid Earth deformation—like motion of tectonic plates, how earthquakes cause ground displacement, and volcano movement due to magmatic activity. The signals from navigation satellites are also sensitive to the conditions they encounter between the satellite and the station. This means that careful corrections are required to make position […]

How do GPS stations monitoring Yellowstone measure such small movements?

By: - November 3, 2021

In Yellowstone, deformation of the ground surface can be measured to fractions of an inch.  Specialized methods of processing GPS data make it possible to achieve this amazing resolution. Satellite navigation in your car (usually) gets you where you want to go, a fitness tracker knows the route you biked, and a handheld GPS device might […]