Yellowstone monitors volcanoes in southwest U.S.

BY: - March 29, 2021

There is no shortage of spectacular volcanic footage available these days. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a fissure eruption of Geldingadalur volcano in Iceland grow into spatter cones surrounded by a lava flow field, 5,000 foot high lava fountains from Sicily’s Mount Etna, and ash plumes rocketing up to greater than 13,000 ft above Pacaya volcano in Guatemala. All of these represent possible events that could occur during the next eruption […]

Biden targets oil and gas royalties in review of lease rates

BY: - March 26, 2021

Interior Department officials indicated Thursday the Biden administration would change some federal oil and gas policies in an effort to roll back the aggressive fossil fuel agenda of former President Donald Trump. Interior leaders at an online forum said that rates the oil and gas industry pays for leasing, royalties and bonding could be due […]

Gianforte completes state-mandated course, calls wolf trapping violation ‘slight misstep’

BY: - March 25, 2021

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte this week successfully completed the state-mandated course that he had to take after receiving a warning from the state Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department in February for trapping and killing a wolf without the proper certification. A spokesman for the department confirmed that Gianforte completed the wolf trapping certification class on […]

Montana’s governor killed a Yellowstone wolf. But he now has a chance to set things right

BY: and - March 24, 2021

Gov. Greg Gianforte should have known better. According to news reports, the man Montanans elected just last November to lead their state and protect its vast natural resources trapped and shot an iconic black wolf 10 miles north of the boundary of the Yellowstone Park in February. And he allegedly did it without completing a state-mandated […]

U.S. House panel divides on party lines about how to conserve public lands

BY: - March 23, 2021

In a preview of the arguments likely to be repeated as the Biden administration and Congress work toward conservation goals, Democrats on a U.S. House panel Tuesday outlined what they say is a need for aggressive action on climate. But Republicans worried increased federal involvement would be counterproductive to conservation goals while hurting rural economies. […]

The complex plumbing of one of Yellowstone’s most iconic geysers

BY: , and - March 22, 2021

Steamboat Geyser has been wowing visitors to Yellowstone National Park since March 2018.  Seismic studies of the geyser and nearby Cistern Spring are now revealing details of the hydrothermal plumbing system that would not otherwise be known, possibly explaining why the geyser eruptions are the tallest in the world! With all eyes on the spectacular eruptions […]

Four big questions about the feds’ scrutiny of oil and gas leasing on public lands

BY: - March 20, 2021

In his first week in office, President Joe Biden paused new oil and gas leasing on federal lands as his administration reviewed fossil fuel development policy. Now that Interior Secretary Deb Haaland has taken office, the administration is gearing up to begin that process. A forum comprising the energy industry, conservation groups, labor organizations and […]

Where’s recreational weed money going?

BY: - March 19, 2021

The long-awaited plan to implement the adult-use recreational marijuana program that voters approved in the last election has arrived at the Capitol and could land in a legislative committee as early as next week, setting the stage for one of this session’s key policy debates. At hand is a gargantuan 260-page bill from Rep. Mike […]

Biden taps former Florida Senator to lead NASA

BY: - March 19, 2021

WASHINGTON—President Joe Biden said Friday that he’s picked former U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida to head up NASA. The White House in its announcement stressed Nelson’s long experience with the U.S. space program. Nelson, a Democrat, chaired the Space Subcommittee as a member of the U.S. House for six years and during his time […]

EPA pledges more transparency, unfettered access to information

BY: - March 19, 2021

Top public affairs staffers from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday told journalists the agency is taking actions to be more open. The Society of Environmental Journalists invited EPA representatives to field questions from journalists. The session was planned as EPA Administrator Michael Regan, who was sworn in Wednesday, prepared to take office. SEJ […]

Blackfeet Nation: Glacier entrances to open on east side

BY: - March 17, 2021

The eastern entrances in Glacier National Park will be open this summer, and travelers will be able to drive into the park on either end of Going-to-the-Sun Road, according to the Blackfeet Nation. Kwebb Galbreath, incident commander for the Blackfeet, said the council voted 9-0 Wednesday to open the eastern entrances of the park, which […]

Senate confirms Haaland as Secretary of The Interior

BY: - March 15, 2021

WASHINGTON—U.S. Rep. Debra Haaland made history on Monday when she became the first Native American to ever be confirmed by the U.S. Senate to hold a position in a president’s Cabinet. In a narrow 51-40 vote, senators confirmed Haaland, a New Mexico Democrat, to serve as secretary of Interior, where she will run a $21 […]