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Afghan evacuees to arrive in U.S. through Virginia and Wisconsin

BY: - August 16, 2021

WASHINGTON — The first U.S. stop for the nearly 2,000 Afghan interpreters and other refugees evacuated so far amid the collapse of the Afghan government has been central Virginia’s Fort Lee military base. Tapped for its East Coast location and its ability to quickly ramp up to serve as a temporary host installation, the Army base […]

Congress, Biden attempt the largest social program since FDR

BY: and - August 14, 2021

WASHINGTON—The U.S. Senate this week passed a massive bipartisan infrastructure bill and an even larger budget blueprint that would pave the way for historic changes in U.S. health, education, climate and tax policies. The two measures are roped to each other, reflecting Democrats’ strategy to pass what could be bipartisan with Republicans—and to go it […]

Senate passes historic $1.2T infrastructure bill

BY: - August 10, 2021

The U.S. Senate passed 69-30 on Tuesday a sweeping bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure package, a milestone for one of President Joe Biden’s priorities after months of negotiation. Biden proposed an infrastructure plan in March that would have topped $2 trillion. A bipartisan group of senators led by Rob Portman, (R-Ohio), and Kyrsten Sinema, (D-Ariz.), worked […]

New eviction moratorium could buy time to ramp up emergency rental assistance

BY: - August 6, 2021

Montana, like states across the nation, has struggled to spend down its emergency rental assistance funds — whether due to hefty documentation requirements that limit some potential applicants, logistical challenges, staffing or a lack of public awareness. The state has awarded $14.3 million to 2,594 households out of an available $352 million for COVID-19 related […]

Biden urges state and local leaders to postpone evictions while rental aid is distributed

BY: - August 2, 2021

WASHINGTON—President Joe Biden on Monday called on state and local governments to put their own pause on evictions for at least two months, and urged them to use $46.5 billion provided by the coronavirus relief package for tenants and landlords. But the White House said that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been […]

Gianforte tells Biden ‘it’s a tinderbox situation’ in Montana at wildfire conference

BY: - July 30, 2021

WASHINGTON—President Joe Biden met virtually with governors from Western and Midwestern states on Friday to discuss how federal intervention can best aid states battling wildfires, amid complaints from states about federal forest management. “We’ve got big, complex wildfires burning across multiple areas,” Biden said. “We’re in for a long fight this year, and the only […]

Bipartisan Senators, Biden strike deal on $550B infrastructure plan

BY: - July 28, 2021

WASHINGTON — A bipartisan group of U.S. senators say they have worked through the sticking points on a major infrastructure package, paving the way for a vote to begin debate on that proposal as soon as Wednesday evening. That announcement came a week after Republicans blocked a test vote on the deal, with GOP senators opposed to […]

CDC: Wear masks indoors in areas of high-infection rates

BY: - July 27, 2021

CDC says the vaccinated should wear masks indoors in areas with high infection rates July 27, 2021 4:57 pm By Laura Olson WASHINGTON — Federal health officials on Tuesday urged Americans in areas of the country with the highest surges in COVID-19 infections to once again wear masks when they are in public, indoor settings — even […]

Biden quietly transforms Medicaid’s safety net

BY: and - July 26, 2021

The Biden administration is quietly engineering a series of expansions to Medicaid that may bolster protections for millions of low-income Americans and bring more people into the program. Biden’s efforts — which have been largely overshadowed by other economic and health initiatives — represent an abrupt reversal of the Trump administration’s moves to scale back […]

Senate Republicans block bipartisan infrastructure, but talks continuing

BY: - July 21, 2021

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats’ attempt to start debate on a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan was blocked by Republicans on a party-line vote Wednesday, as lawmakers hustle to wrap up negotiations over drafting that legislation. In the 49-51 test vote, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, (D-N.Y.), switched his vote to “no,” a procedural move that allows […]

Conflicting stories emerge as Tracy Stone-Manning’s nomination hangs in the balance

BY: - July 16, 2021

Editor’s note: This story has been corrected to reflect the comments of John Blount who said Stone-Manning did not participate in planning the tree-spiking incident. Tracy Stone-Manning and a former federal investigator during the past few days shared widely varying accounts of her involvement in a 1989 tree-spiking in an Idaho national forest, as the […]


Close the digital divide in rural areas first

BY: - July 14, 2021

Montana sits in the center of a digital divide. One that hamstrings rural communities across the state and the nation. In America, rural and low-income towns face coverage gaps while urban centers have world-class broadband access. Urban or rural, our lives depend on the internet., For rural America, it has never been more important for […]