Kidney experts say it’s time to remove race from medical algorithms

BY: and - July 18, 2021

Alphonso Harried recently came across a newspaper clipping about his grandfather receiving his 1,000th dialysis treatment. His grandfather later died — at a dialysis center — as did his uncle, both from kidney disease. “And that comes in my mind, on my weak days: ‘Are you going to pass away just like they did?’” said […]


We won’t be able to make our world more just until we reckon with our past

BY: - June 11, 2021

The late historian John Henrik Clarke explained the dominant subculture’s preoccupation with manipulating history. Europeans “began manipulating history in the 15th century to justify the slave trade,” said Clarke, a pioneer in Pan-African studies, during an interview with Tony Brown on Brown’s eponymous show in the 1970s. Modern racism incubated during this period, Clarke said. […]


Transgender athletes: Let the kids play

BY: - January 19, 2021

Today, the Montana legislature heard two bills that affect transgender youth. One levies fines against physicians for providing medically appropriate care for transgender kids, even though we do so in accordance with best practice guidelines from our medical societies. Putting that aside for the moment, the other bill, known now as House Bill 112, or […]