My daughter enrolled in Pfizer’s trial because I don’t trust COVID

BY: - July 25, 2021

On a sunny Wednesday a little more than a month ago, my 7-year-old daughter bravely held my hand as we walked into Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City to participate in a pediatric vaccine trial.  After a numbing agent, a blood draw and a nasal swab, she was finally injected with either a placebo or […]

Troubled Maryland plant told to toss some of its vaccines

BY: - June 11, 2021

WASHINGTON — Federal health regulators have instructed Maryland’s Emergent BioSolutions to scrap some batches of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine substance manufactured at the company’s troubled Baltimore plant, while clearing a small portion to be used in the U.S. or sent abroad. Two batches of the J&J vaccine substance made in Baltimore were deemed “suitable […]

Time to say goodbye to insurance for COVID treatment fees

BY: - June 7, 2021

Just as other industries are rolling back some consumer-friendly changes made early in the pandemic — think empty middle seats on airplanes — so, too, are health insurers. Many voluntarily waived all deductibles, copayments and other costs for insured patients who fell ill with covid-19 and needed hospital care, doctor visits, medications or other treatment. […]

Little understood illnesses turning up after COVID, leaving doctors stumped

BY: - June 6, 2021

The day Dr. Elizabeth Dawson was diagnosed with covid-19 in October, she awoke feeling as if she had a bad hangover. Four months later she tested negative for the virus, but her symptoms have only worsened. Dawson is among what one doctor called “waves and waves” of “long-haul” covid patients who remain sick long after […]

Kids need the vaccine, doctors across the state urge

BY: - May 31, 2021

Billings’ pediatrician Kathryn Lysinger made sure a news crew was there when her 12-year-old son got his COVID-19 vaccine. She “strongly” recommends parents get their kids get the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine. “Which is why I put my poor son on display and had a TV camera in his face when he got his vaccine,” Lysinger […]

You don’t have to suffer to benefit from COVID vaccination — but some prefer it

BY: - May 29, 2021

If you think vaccination is an ordeal now, consider the 18th-century version. After having pus from a smallpox boil scratched into your arm, you would be subject to three weeks of fever, sweats, chills, bleeding and purging with dangerous medicines, accompanied by hymns, prayers and hell-fire sermons by dour preachers. That was smallpox vaccination, back […]

COVID-19 changed the way death, funerals and mourning happened

BY: - May 23, 2021

Funeral home director John Dahl remembers when the gravity of COVID-19 felt heavy. He was helping a family whom he’s known for years. His friend’s father-in-law died, so he was taking care of the funeral arrangements. Five days later, the man’s brother-in-law died. At the same time, the man’s wife was in the hospital, sick […]

They tested negative for COVID, but have ‘long COVID’ symptoms

BY: - May 15, 2021

Kristin Novotny once led an active life, with regular CrossFit workouts and football in the front yard with her children — plus a job managing the kitchen at a middle school. Now, the 33-year-old mother of two from De Pere, Wisconsin, has to rest after any activity, even showering. Conversations leave her short of breath. […]

CDC: You can ditch the mask in most places, indoors and out, if fully vaccinated

BY: - May 13, 2021

WASHINGTON — Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19 do not need to wear a mask in most situations, indoors and outdoors, federal health officials said in an updated set of recommendations Thursday that marks a major turning point in the pandemic. The announcement is a shift from earlier federal guidance, which had urged people who are vaccinated to continue […]

Communities try gifts, cash and spite to get residents vaccinated

BY: and - May 12, 2021

In Billings on Thursday, the first 400 people to get a COVID-19 vaccine will get $50, thanks to an anonymous donor who contributed $20,000 to try and boost vaccination rates. Cash, ice cream and tickets to sporting events are some of the techniques that communities are using to try to entice folks into getting vaccinated […]

What slowing vaccination rates mean for one Montana county

BY: - May 11, 2021

The covid vaccination operation at the Flathead County fairgrounds can dole out 1,000 doses in seven hours. But demand has plummeted recently, down to fewer than 70 requests for the shots a day. So, at the start of May, the northwestern Montana county dropped its mass vaccination offerings from three to two clinics a week. […]

Pfizer given permission to start vaccine for 12 to 15 year-olds

BY: - May 10, 2021

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Monday signed off on expanding the use of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine to children ages 12 to 15, clearing one key hurdle before that age group can begin receiving the two-shot vaccine. But another step is needed before tweens and teens can line up for shots. The […]